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Prof Dr Christoph Schommer
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5 Research Interests

# Applications of Machine Learning# Natural Language Processing
# Data Science # Knowledge Discovery
# Computational Intelligence

140 Teaching/courses in Europe and Asia

#Machine Learning (UL) # Knowledge Discovery & Data Mining (UL, Potsdam, Frankfurt/Main)
# Information Retrieval and Learning
(UL, FU Berlin) # Database Management (UL) # Data Science for Humanities (UL)
# Data Science (UL, Tsinghua Beijing) # Natural Language Processing (UL, FU Berlin, European Commission)
# Artificial Intelligence (FU Berlin, Singapore SUTD)

Interdisciplinary Research (as a Computer Scientist) 

#Humanities # Arts # Finance # Life Science

Current Team (10/20)

3 PostDocs, 5 PhD candidates, and 4 Master students


21 PhD, more than 70 Master and Bachelor students from Luxembourg, London, and Torino

+Contacts : to see how the students learn to learn, how they master the studies, how they find their place in their lives, and finally, to see them once again, makes me very proud.


Some private:

I play piano well and try to win chess games.


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Last update: October 2020

Short Bio:

I studied Computer Science with focus on Artificial Intelligence at the University of Saarbr├╝cken. In addition, I worked on research projects of the German Research Centre for AI in the fields of knowledge-based systems and Natural Language Understanding. After my graduate studies, I then joined IBM Research & Development for 5 years and IBM Software Group for 3 years. As an IT architect, I was jointly responsible for worldwide Data Science projects in various disciplines, e.g., Retail, Insurance, Banking, Sports analytics. At the same time, I received my doctorate at the Goethe University Frankfurt/Main in 2000.

Since 2003, I have been working as an Associate Professor at the University of Luxembourg with a focus on Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. Importantly, I see and live his research, education and knowledge transfer as a highly interdisciplinary task.

Currently, I am the co-director of AI Robolab, member of the board of Digital Humanities and History DTU and contribute to Esch 2022 with a project on Deep Learning for the Arts. I head the MINE research group and are currently involved in 13 PhD projects. So far, I have been member of 23 PhD defences (in Luxembourg as well as in London, Turin, Bologna and Leuven), 69 Master thesis projects and many Bachelor projects.

Some colleagues say that I am internationally recognised reviewer. In this light, I serve for the Leibniz Association, Springer, ACM, IEEE and as a PC member at international conferences such as AAMAS, ACM SAC, CogSci, ECML-PKDD, Digital Humanities, IEEE CBMS and others. Christoph maintains contacts to secondary schools in Dudelange and Kirchberg and organises lecture series in the field of AI and beyond and teaches courses at all academic levels at the University of Luxembourg in Computer Science, Mathematics, Space and Humanities for EU members at the European Commission and abroad, e.g. at Tsinghua University (2015, 2016), FU Berlin (every semester since 2018) and the University of Singapore (2019, 2020).

I am a member of the ACM, the German Cognitive Science Society and the German Cognitive Science Society. As a national expert, I am  regularly present in the Radio (RTL and 100,7), in newspapers and magazines (Wort, paperjam, Revue, Tageblatt) as well as in TV (RTL Kloertext, moderated by Caroline Mart). I have performed several projects with the national and international industry, for example Thomson Reuters, RTL, IEE, and POST. Finally, 3 of my former PhD students work now for a their founded start-up named Zortify.